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Do you analyze images, videos, or text on large scale?

No wonder, we live in the multimedia era. Multimedia data such as images and videos have long ago ceased to be an art medium only. Nowadays, they are an important data source for a wide array of individuals and organizations alike. Text documents, which also fall under the umbrella of multimedia data, are as important sources of information as ever. With the exploding scale of data and the advent of the big data era, the need for analyzing multimedia automatically and intelligently is increasing rapidly.

If you are facing large-scale multimedia collections that you need to understand, categorize, structure, or gain insight into, you've come to the right place. Enabling true insight into big multimedia data is's mission.

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Analyze multimedia data interactively and intelligently.

We believe that the true potential of AI in data science lies in assisting people, not replacing them. We develop multimedia analytics techniques with a single purpose: to facilitate your insight and true understanding of your data.

Insight only comes about when you can interact with your data. Our interactive learning algorithms listen to your indications which data items are interesting for your analysis. They are able to learn from these indications very fast and provide you with other interesting data items that would take you hours or days to find manually.

In other words, you interact with the collection at your pace, and our algorithms work with you, helping you to find just the insight you are looking for.