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Jan Zahálka

dr. Ing. Jan Zahálka

Data Scientist & CEO

Jan holds a doctoral degree in computer science from the University of Amsterdam, and a master's degree with honors in artificial intelligence from the Czech Technical University in Prague. His research in Amsterdam was focused on large-scale, interactive, and intelligent multimedia analytics. The research led to the founding of to apply cutting-edge multimedia analytics science in real-world applications. Jan has been passionate about connecting science to practice throughout his career. This was demonstrated in a number of projects, such as the New Yorker Melange, which received the 2014 ACM Multimedia Grand Challenge 1st Place award, or the VOX-Pol Video Analytics system that is a part of VOX-Pol, a European Network of Excellence focused on combatting violent online political extremism. In his career, Jan worked for or collaborated with Deloitte, the Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion (ÚHKT) in Prague, and the Netherlands Forensic Institute.

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Marcel Worring

prof. dr. Marcel Worring

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Marcel is a professor at Amsterdam Business School, the director of Informatics Institute at the University of Amsterdam, and a long-term staff member of the Intelligent Sensory Information Systems research group. Marcel's multimedia analytics research focuses on the integration of multimedia analysis, multimedia mining, information visualization, and multimedia interaction into a coherent framework which yields more than its constituent components. The main application areas of his research are semantic video search engines, forensics, cultural heritage, and marketing. Marcel has organized a number of international conferences and leading content-based multimedia retrieval benchmarks. He has also been involved in successful commercial application of the research conducted at the Intelligent Sensory Information Systems group — from early days, he was affiliated with Euvision Technologies, a spin-off company of the University of Amsterdam. Euvision Technologies was acquired by Qualcomm in 2014 and became Qualcomm Research Netherlands.

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Björn Þór Jónsson

Björn Þór Jónsson, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Björn is an associate professor at IT University of Copenhagen and Reykjavík University. He holds a doctoral degree in computer science from the University of Maryland. Björn is working on multimedia analytics, applying multi-dimensional analysis concepts and techniques to multimedia. Over the last decade, Björn's research has focused primarily on very large-scale content-based multimedia retrieval. His research has led, besides publications and graduate degrees, to a successful start-up company, Videntifier Technologies.

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Stevan Rudinac

dr. Stevan Rudinac

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Stevan is an assistant professor at the Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam. He holds a doctoral degree in computer science from Delft University of Technology. Stevan is conducting research in multimedia analytics with focus on urban computing, security, and business applications. In his research, Stevan has been working on a number of national and European projects. Stevan has previously worked as a researcher at the University of Belgrade, Eindhoven University of Technology, and the Netherlands Forensic Institute.

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Morris Franken

Morris Franken, MSc.

Machine Learning Specialist

Morris received a master's degree in artificial intelligence at the University of Amsterdam, with special interest in computer vision. He graduated on the subject of automatic ancient hieroglyph recognition, and this study led to the creation of an app called TombReader that can automatically recognise museum objects. In addition, Morris was the lead developer of the Next Rembrandt project with the purpose of teaching a computer how to paint like Rembrandt. He is a 2D/3D Computer Vision and Machine Learning Specialist at 3DUniversum, a start-up that focuses on leveraging AI techniques for 3D-scanning.

Morris's Next Rembrandt project