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Data science and analytics

BohemAI's mission is to help people master their data and gain deep understanding of them, using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology. So if you're looking to reap the value from your valuable data, you've come to the right place. BohemAI offers a wide range of data science and analytics services that help you achieve just that.

At BohemAI, we always provide a custom-tailored solution that is right for you. We invite you to take a look at what we can offer you below. If you are interested in our services or simply have a question, don't hesitate to contact us directly at or our phone number +420 728 276 016.

What we offer

  • Data analytics — We can perform complete analytics on your data: cleaning the data, structuring them, analysis & diagnostics of past data, and statistical predictions for the future. We provide you with a clear and concise report with useful visualizations that will enhance your understanding of your valuable data.
  • Consultancy — Would you like to identify key valuable resources in your data and start mining them? Or do you feel that your existing data analytics processes could be improved? We can help you to set a data analytics pipeline that enables you to utilize your data to their maximum potential.
  • Custom software — Are you looking for state-of-the-art software that will take your data analytics game to the next level, whether you want to automate your data analytics or make it more interactive? We can provide it for you, from analysis through design to realization.
Insight into data

Three reasons to choose BohemAI

  1. Analysis, design, AND realization. At BohemAI, we do all three. From analyzing your data processes through designing a solution to actually implementing it. With BohemAI, you can be sure that the new and improved data flow matching your vision will come to life.
  2. Interactivity and flexibility. You are in the driver's seat when it comes to strategic decisions regarding your data. BohemAI is committed to provide intuitive and interactive tools that increase your understanding of your data, not overwhelm you further. Whether you are a big business or small, we tailor the tools to you, not the other way around.
  3. All kinds of data - tables, databases, images, videos, text... In synergy. Deep insight and understanding requires taking as many points of views as possible. At BohemAI, we can process large-scale data of all kinds. Not only tables and databases, but also images, videos, text documents, assorted metadata, and notes are valuable data resources. We can help you utilize them such that their added value for you is more than simply the sum of all individual parts.